venerdì 3 aprile 2009

Korean-Japanese night a GANZO

6 Maggio 2009

ore 20.00

1st course


Fried vegetables and shrimps

2nd course

Mandoo guk

Dumpling soup

3rd course


beef and mixed vegetable rice


Matcha cake

Green tea cake with orange jelly

giovedì 2 aprile 2009

Serata Israele- Medio oriente a GANZO

Ganzo News :: [GANZO EVENTS] #11 CIRCLES Art Exhibit and more...Ganzo News :: [GANZO EVENTS] #11 CIRCLES Art Exhibit and more...



INTERNATIONAL DINNER – Israele & Middle East

Appetizers - Hummus

Antipasti - Grilled eggplant with green tahini sauce and tomatoes

Primi piatti - Kube – vegetable soup with stuffed dumpling

Secondi piatti - Harayme- cooked fish with hot tomato sauce

Dolce - Malabi